VeloPal Quick Start Guide

How to create a profile

Go to the profile section — and on the top right corner tap the settings icon1

Select preferred units (imperial or metric)2

Tap Profile3and enter personal information (gender, weight, age, heart rate zone, etc)4

Tap My Gear5and add bike and shoe type6


To start recording a workout press the start button1The recording will begin. Do not forget to lock mobile device screen.

During the workout sections can be created. To create a section, tap the S button2to start the section and tap the S button2again to end the section. Section titles may be edited after workouts. A section is a specific part of a road, climb or trail. VeloPal/RunPal show how you compare to other athletes who have completed the same sections.

To create laps during workouts tap the Lap button3to start the lap and tap the Lap button3again to end the lap.

On the stopwatch screen select the prefered map view (street, satellite, hybrid)4

Tap the stopwatch settings icon5and select the data fields6to be displayed on the stopwatch screen during workouts. Select from three to eight7fully customizable data fields.

Tap the landscape icon8to switch to landscape mode.

To stop recording a workout tap the stop button9and select Done10(RESUME or RESET options are also available).

In the workout saving screen name the workout11, add photos12, etc. Press the checkmark icon13on the top right corner to save the workout.

Custom interval training (RunPal only)

In the stopwatch screen, turn on Interval Training1. Select a preset or existing custom interval training workout from the list.

In settings, tap Voice Feedback2for live coaching during interval training.

In settings, tap Interval Training3to create/edit a custom interval workout and create interval training zones.

Tap Interval Zones4to set up speed zones (slow, steady, fast). Tap checkmark5to save.

Tap Workouts6to create a new custom interval training workout. Tap the + icon7to start creating. Title the interval training8workout and select a warm up9and cool down10time. Tap on a pre-set interval11to customize. Tap + icon12to add additional intervals by time or distance. Choose between slow, steady and fast pace13. Order of intervals14may be rearranged. Tap the checkmark15icon to save the new interval training workout.

How to edit workouts

From the calendar or the activity feed select a workout to edit. Tap the edit icon1


The calendar screen displays workout dates. Swipe left or right to scroll through months.

Tap on a specific workout date to view workout details1

Tap on the month2to display an annual calendar with marked workout dates. Scroll up and down to desired year.

Tap the + icon3to manually add a workout.

Workout data displayed on the calendar can be customized in settings.

How to find and follow friends

On the profile screen tap the search icon1. Search by name, username, clubs, group rides, etc2. Once located, select the name3and press Follow4

Activity feed

The activity feed displays all workouts. The activities of followers and friends are displayed as well.

Tap the Activity Filter icon to filter feed by activity type1. Velopal and Runpal apps are fully integrated. The same account is used for both apps. Velopal is used for cycling and MTB. Runpal is used for running, hiking, and walking activities2. To view all notifications tap the notification icon3

Filter the activity feed by followers, Velopals, groups, etc4

How to share a photo

Go to Profile Screen 1. Select Photos1and choose a photo to share. Tap the share icon2to preview. Tap the checkmark icon3to continue and choose a social media channel4

In settings, under Photo Sharing5select data to be displayed on the photo6

How to delete/edit a photo

Go to profile and select Photos. Tap and hold a photo to delete, edit, or move to album1

How to share a workout

From the calendar or the activity feed select a workout to share. Tap the share icon1to post to Facebook or Twitter and to a friend.

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